A complete guide to the waterfalls of Samoa.

2013-10-11 2817

One of the many things I love about Samoa isĀ its variety of beautiful waterfalls. Everywhere you go in Samoa, a waterfall is not too far away. Hiring a car makes it a lot easier to get around the islands and is how I prefer to explore, although catching the bus is a fun experience and there are plenty of taxi’s to help you getĀ around also.

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A brief look at Larundel Psychiatric Hospital.

Ever since I can remember I have found abandoned buildings fascinating. I love the architecture behind these beautiful old buildings. Even with crumbling foundations and peeling paint, I love finding the beauty in any building or place.

The other thing I find fascinating is the stories behind the buildings and the questions left unanswered, if only those walls could talk right?

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